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Jennifer Lopez’s Film “The Mother” Surpasses 2 Major Netflix Movies in Surprising Achievement


The Mother, Jennifer Lopez’s most recent movie, has dominated Netflix and made a big impression ever since it debuted over the much-anticipated Mother’s Day weekend in the US. 

In this thrilling action film, Lopez plays an assassin who emerges from hiding to protect her estranged daughter, played by the excellent Lucy Paez

The Mother, which stars renowned actors Omari Hardwick and Joseph Fiennes, has been a huge success with viewers, drawing an incredible 2.8 million households in the US over its debut weekend according to Deadline.

The Mother – Official Trailer:

The Mother stands out due to its impressive first viewing, which outperformed those of well-liked Netflix sequels like Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and Murder Mystery 2.  

The Mother’s popularity transcends simple viewership figures because it continues to create excitement and keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Although Netflix has not yet disclosed official watching statistics, it is clear that The Mother has had a significant influence on the streaming service. 

The movie, which now holds the top spot on Netflix’s UK top 10 list, has a devoted fan base and is a testimonial to the skills and allure of Jennifer Lopez and the entire cast. The Mother’s gripping plot and top-notch performances highlight the movie’s capacity to enthrall viewers and establish it as a Netflix must-watch.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that the fact that Glass Onion had a one-week restricted theatrical release on November 23 before going live on December 23 would probably have an effect on the streaming stats for the movie.

The Mother has average reviews; as of right now, Rotten Tomatoes has given it a 46 percent approval rating. Lopez “proves she can rousingly carry a picture like this one” in the “B-movie,” according to Variety, which dubbed it a “watchable product”.Viewers eagerly expect further updates on The Mother’s popularity and influence in the upcoming weeks as anticipation for the show keeps growing. The popularity of the movie is evidence of the rising need for gripping and intriguing material on streaming services, and The Mother unquestionably met that demand by making an impact on viewers all around the world.

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