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How to Watch Shameless on Netflix from Anywhere? (Quick Steps)


Are you wondering if Shameless is available on Netflix for you to watch? We have amazing news for you as it is available on Netflix to stream. In this article, we will tell you about how to watch Shameless on Netflix from anywhere in the world. You may be wondering, if it is available on Netflix then what is the issue we are talking about? 

The problem is, that Shameless can only be accessed on Netflix in some selected regions of the world. If you live in the United States, you don’t need to worry about anything as Shameless is available in the United States to stream. You just need to open your Netflix account in the United States and enjoy watching Shameless. However, if you live in any other region of the world, you may not be able to find Shameless on Netflix.

We will get into details about how streaming platforms operate in different regions but first, we will share the quick steps with you to follow to watch Shameless from any place in the world using a VPN. This is all that you need to do:

  • Subscribe to a VPN (ExpressVPN Recommended).
  • Download the VPN application.
  • Log in to the VPN using your email and password.
  • Change your location to the United States.
  • Open your Netflix account.
  • Search for “Shameless” in the search bar.
  • Enjoy streaming!

You need to take these quick steps to watch Shameless from anywhere in the world on Netflix. We will tell you about why you need a VPN, how a VPN works, and which VPNs are best to choose for streaming. But first, let us tell you about this amazing show on Netflix called “Shameless”.

About Shameless

Shameless is an American TV series that started in 2011 and ran until 2021. The show was created by Paul Abbott and John Wells. This series is about a drunkard father named Frank Gallagher and his six children. His children are smart, independent, industrious, and struggling. Due to their father’s drinking habits, the children must find ways to cope with their everyday needs. The children do their best and even follow shameless ways to earn money for their family which their father spends shamelessly in bars drinking every single penny that they earn. The eldest sibling named Fiona is the primary caretaker of everyone in the family and must follow twisted ways to take care of her five siblings.

The children learn to survive without their father’s input and are not even close to the normal families you see around you. And they do not have any regrets about being who they are due to how the world treats them. The series is mostly about how the family faces everyday problems regarding their family issues, careers, emotions, relationships, and new challenges they face. In the last season, the focus is mainly on how everything changes due to the pandemic and how the family must adapt to grow in a world with new rules.

The series has an incredible IMDb rating of 8.6/10 and an Audience Score of 82% on Rotten Tomatoes. Please click on the link below to watch the trailer for Shameless:

Cast of Shameless

Actor/Actress: Character/Role Played

William H. Macy: Frank Gallagher

Jeremy Allen White: Philip Gallagher

Ethan Cutkosky: Carl Gallagher

Shanola Hampton: Veronica Fisher

Steve Howey: Kevin Ball

Emma Kenney: Deborah Gallagher

Cameron Monaghan: Ian Gallagher

Noel Fisher: Mickey Milkovich

Christian Isaiah: Liam Gallagher

Why do I need a VPN?

When you open your Netflix account, you will only see the content available to stream in your country on Netflix. If you search for a movie or a TV show that isn’t available in your country, you will see an error. Netflix gets streaming and licensing rights to stream the content in particular countries. Sometimes Netflix cannot get these rights due to legal issues. Other streaming platforms may get these rights first and sometimes Netflix cannot get these rights in some countries.

Your internet connection is assigned an IP (Internet Protocol) address which indicates your unique code and shows where you are located. The IP address is given to you by your local server. When you open a streaming platform like Netflix, they check your IP address to see where you are located and show the content on the platform that is available in your region.

When you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), your internet connection is connected to a server located in another country and a new IP address is given to you. Now, when you open your streaming platform, you can watch the content available in the region where your connected server is located. You can then easily open your streaming platforms like Netflix and watch the content that isn’t available to stream in your home region.

What are the Best VPNs to Choose for Streaming Shameless on Netflix

It is a tough task to find the best VPNs to choose for streaming Shameless on Netflix as there are thousands of VPNs on the internet. Some of those VPNs are free and some charge you a fee and you purchase a subscription. For the free VPNs, they do not offer good enough speed and you may face problems like buffering issues. These VPNs may be good for other purposes but for streaming they are not recommended by us. It will only waste your time if you go for a free VPN to watch Shameless on Netflix.

There are some paid VPNs which can serve this purpose. We tested more than thirty VPNs to come up with the best VPNs for you to choose from that are unique in their way. Some provide great speed, some go easy on the pocket, and some give a huge pool of servers to choose from. In this section, we will share the top three VPNs we have selected for you which are the best in the world for streaming Shameless on Netflix.

ExpressVPN (Super-Fast)

You must have already heard of ExpressVPN. It has gained huge fame worldwide due to its top speed among all the other VPNs in the world. It is the fastest VPN in the world and has maintained its reputation for quite some time now. All the users using ExpressVPN are satisfied with its performance. Due to its outstanding speed, it takes the first place on our list as the best VPN for streaming Shameless on Netflix. For a 100mbps internet connection, you will get an average of around 92 mbps of download speed and around 89 mbps of upload speed.

ExpressVPN provides more than 3000 servers in more than 94 countries all around the world. You can easily find the country to choose a server from where Shameless is available to stream. There are many servers in the United States to which you can connect and watch Shameless without any trouble using ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN also provides unlimited bandwidth, and you can connect to five devices using a single subscription.

Due to features like AES-256 Encryption, Threat Manager, Speed Test, Camouflage Mode, Private DNS, TrustedServer Technology, Network Lock Kill, Lightway Protocol, Clean Web, Kill Switch, and Split Tunneling, your internet connection remains smooth, and your internet activity stays safe and secure.

Pricing for ExpressVPN: The cost of ExpressVPN varies from package to package. If you buy a single-month subscription, the cost will be $12.95 per month. For a yearly package, the cost will be $6.67 per month, and you will also be given three months free after the completion of the year. Lastly, you will be charged $9.99 if you buy ExpressVPN for six months. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. To know more about ExpressVPN pricing plans, click here <CTA for ExpressVPN Pricing Details>

<CTA for ExpressVPN>

Surfshark (Your Pocket’s Best Friend)

Surfshark is our budget-friendly option for you to take. Surfshark compromises a little bit on speed, but it is less likely that you will face any buffering issues. The other free or cheap VPNs provide a lesser speed and most probably you will face buffering issues. For a 100 Mbps internet connection, you will get an average of 88 Mbps downloading speed and around 80 Mbps uploading speed.

Surfshark has more than 3200 servers in more than 65 countries. You can find a country where your desired content is available to stream on a streaming platform. You can easily find servers in the United States to watch Shameless on Netflix on Surfshark. Surfshark has strong encryption and provides unlimited bandwidth.

Features like Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, Camouflage Mode, Clean Web, NoBorders Mode, Private DNS, and IKEv2/IPsec Protocol add to the security provided by Surfshark and ensure smooth connectivity. You can log in to unlimited devices using Surfshark with a single subscription which no other VPN provides.

Pricing for Surfshark: The cost of Surfshark is more pocket-friendly than other VPNs. For one monthly subscription, the cost will be $12.95 per month. For a 12-month subscription, you will be charged $3.99 per month. And finally, for a 24-month subscription, the charges will be $2.30 per month. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. To know more about Surfshark pricing plans, click here <CTA for Surfshark Pricing Details>

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NordVPN (Ocean of Servers)

NordVPN is again one of the most popular VPNs to use for streaming services. NordVPN provides a good speed. ExpressVPN tops the list, but NordVPN is not far behind. Due to its amazing speed, you can easily stream Shameless on Netflix with NordVPN. For an internet connection speed of 100 Mbps, the average downloading speed is 86 Mbps and the average uploading speed is 80 Mbps.

NordVPN has more than 5500 servers in 94+ countries. It has the biggest server collection in the world of VPNs. If you cannot find a country on NordVPN to connect to, you will probably not find that country on any VPN. And you also get an option to choose different servers in the same country. If you don’t get a good speed with one server, you can change the server easily in that country and get a better speed. You get unlimited bandwidth with NordVPN and you can connect 6 devices simultaneously with one subscription.

Features like kill switch, camouflage mode, AES-256 encryption, multi-factor authentication, dedicated IP, split tunnelling, double protection, onion over IP, clean web, browser extensions, thread protection, and military-grade encryption make your connection smooth and your online activity safe and secure.

Pricing for NordVPN:  NordVPN provides multiple plans that are based on per month, per year, or for two years. The packages for each time interval also vary based on the elements included in the package. For example, in the Complete Package, you will get all the benefits provided by NordVPN while you will get limited features in the Standard Package. For one monthly subscription, the charges will vary from $11.99 to $14.49 per month based on the package. For a yearly subscription, you will be charged from $4.99 to $7.49 per month based on the package. Finally, for a two-year plan, the charges will vary from $3.49 to $5.99 per month based on the package. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. To know more about NordVPN pricing plans, click here <CTA for NordVPN Pricing Details>

<CTA for NordVPN>

In a Nutshell

Shameless is a masterpiece you cannot miss if you are a Netflix lover. Shameless has 11 seasons and is one of the most loved TV series of all time. If you live in the United States, just open your Netflix account, and enjoy watching Shameless. If you don’t live in the US, subscribe to a VPN online (ExpressVPN Recommended), download the VPN application, log in to the application, change your country to the United States on the VPN, open your Netflix account, search for “Shameless”, grab some popcorn, and enjoy watching Shameless on Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Where can I watch season 11 of Shameless?

You can watch season 11 of Shameless on Netflix by the following steps:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN & download it.
  2. Log in to the VPN using your email and password & change your location to the United States.
  3. Open your Netflix account.
  4. Search for “Shameless” in the search bar & enjoy streaming!

2: Will there be a season 12 of Shameless?

Unfortunately, no. Season 11 of Shameless is the last season of this amazing series and there won’t be any more seasons.

3: How many episodes are there in season 11 of Shameless?

There are 12 episodes in season 11 of Shameless.

4: Where can I watch Shameless if I don’t have Netflix?

You can watch Shameless on Hulu if you don’t have Netflix.

 5: Which one is the darkest season of Shameless?

Season 4 is considered to be the darkest season of Shameless.

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