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Is It Good That Netflix Is Cracking Down On Password Sharing in The USA?


It’s true that Netflix is cracking down on password sharing and it is significantly worse than the previous system.

It seemed like Netflix was just bluffing when they said they would crack down on password sharing; after all, they wouldn’t truly do it, right?

The new anti-password sharing technology has finally made it to the US, thus the time has come. It’s time to destroy those other accounts; stop testing.

There are presently four Netflix plans, but only two of them allow you to add other users for a fee; the other two will just limit your access to the service without giving you any other options. We possess

  • Netflix Standard with Ads costs $6.99/month (no more users allowed)
  • Netflix Basic plan – $9.99/month (can not share with anyone)
  • Netflix Standard plan – $15.49/month ( allow one person for $7.99 per month)
  • Netflix Premium plan – $19.99/month (allow two extra users for $7.99 a month)

During an earnings call last month, Netflix let investors and customers know that the decision would be postponed until the second quarter. By the end of the first quarter, the business had initially intended to begin its crackdown on users who create their own profiles using the accounts of others.

The streamer claims that more than 100 million households, or 43% of its global user base, share accounts. In order to invest in new content, according to Netflix, has been impacted.

Netflix provided password-sharing instructions earlier this year in New Zealand, Canada, Portugal, and Spain. According to Netflix, it will require customers in those nations to designate a “primary location” for their accounts and will let users create two sub accounts for those who don’t.

Subscribers will be urged to select a primary location if its account-sharing crackdown gets serious. Netflix will alert the account user about the excess usage and put warnings at the beginning of programs if they feel the account is being used outside of that primary location.

The streamer is included with specific television packages provided by Sky Ireland and  Ireland in Virgin Mediathe Republic, in addition to being offered separately.

In anticipation that their call centers may get complaints from customers if the crackdown is implemented, Netflix has reviewed its intentions with the UK telecoms providers that offer its service, according to a report in the Financial Times earlier this month.

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